Monday, December 12, 2011

100 pounds of clay....

It doesn't look like much in this picture, but that's 100 pounds of clay sitting there on my work table.  That's the most clay I have ever bought at one time, and I am excited to get started making stuff.  I want to make enough pots here in the next couple of months (I actually have no idea how long this will take) to have a fairly full kilnload when I fire the Vulcan for the first time.  As I have noted before, my plan is to have the kiln hooked up and ready to fire before the end of the year...  And that would be a whopping three weeks away?  I'm sure that once I get it wired I'm going to be bursting to fire my first load.  But I will just have to pace myself.  It may go faster that I think, but if you've seen our kiln (there's a good look at it in my post from August 29th) you know that it is a monster.  No worries.  ;)   


  1. Thank you Richelle!... that's the plan. I made a large platter last night before heading off to band rehearsal, and also started a couple of batches of slip (which I will color with Mason Stain). I'll use that as a wash coat over the red earthenware. This is such a busy time of year, but hopefully I can find some moments where I can get my hands muddy ;) I appreciate your encouraging words.