Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to Sleeping Village Pottery

This is the beginning of a real pottery adventure for me.  I will attempt to add something to this blog every day regarding my progress in learning the art and craft of pottery making.  The picture above is of my humble basement "studio".  After several variations, this setup seems to serve the purpose fairly well... at least for now. 
The rabbit bowl I am using for my title block is a detail from one of the first pieces of pottery I ever made, ten or more years ago.  One day while walking in the woods near our home, I found a nice deposit of natural clay in a creek bed.  I dug some of it out, processed it by hand, and made several pieces of pottery from it.  I fired them in charcoal, and this bowl was the best of the bunch.  It has been on a shelf in our living room for several years, along with a rare few of my other hand-built pieces.  Most of them simply haven't held up too well... but a few have.  This blog marks the beginning of a new chapter in my education in clay.  I'm very excited, and I hope you will join me on this journey.  Del Thompson
p.s. Today is my sister's birthday.  Happy birthday Diane!

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