Friday, July 8, 2011

getting my hands muddy again!

Well... no big kiln for me.  Too bad.  The auction didn't come through, but that's OK, I guess.  I admit that I was already thinking about exactly where it was going to sit in the garage (ha) but it was not to be.   But on a higher note, I am finally getting things back in place in the basement; and last night I made my first piece of pottery in probably two months.  It felt good to get into that state of mind again... to get drawn into the creative process.  I've had a much needed vacation from work this week, but a lot of it has been spent whittling away at the long list of projects that have needed to be done around here.  And the 4th of July festivities always eat up a lot of time... but we enjoy that, and I don't mind it at all.  It's a good time.  We also went to Silver Dollar City Wednesday, so it certainly hasn't been all work and no play.  This weekend I'm hoping to finish getting everything back in the basement, and situated.  I'm getting very close, but the process always seems to take so much time.  Mid summer is always a busy time of the year, but hopefully things will settle in soon, and I can get back into the groove.  The new jug is slab built, made of mid-fire buff stoneware, and measures just under 9 inches high, with a diameter of 5 inches.  I think it turned out nicely.

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