Sunday, July 17, 2011

Old Crow...

Here is another stoneware jug I made last week.  I am still working out the finer points of making strap handles with these.  I have a bucket of reclaim clay that I am trying to use up, and so I decided to make jugs out of it.  I figure I've got just about enough clay in the bucket to make two more of the larger jugs or maybe three small ones.  I also did some sgraffito on the other jug I posted below, which turned out pretty good.  This has been another busy week and weekend, capped off with a two night gig with the band, and birthday celebrations for my wife and my sister (a very happy birthday to both of you!).  Next week is looking like it may settle down a bit... maybe.  Busy or not, I be makin' some stuff!  ;)            

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