Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We got our kiln!  When Pam went up to Bolivar at the beginning of the week to start her prep work and meetings at school, she found out that a good friend and fellow teacher had the kiln in her garage.  Her husband had also bid on it (and won) with the intent of selling it later.  And he did... today!  Pam brought home the lid for this monster after school and it is, in a word, large (ha).  The ruler in the picture is 36" long.  Not a problem, though... hopefully.  It looks like it can be broken down into sections, so that is how we are planning on getting it to the house over the course of the next few days; piece by piece.  Wow.  My summer has just taken a very interesting turn, full of possibilities!  As I said in a previous post... it's going to be like a 15 year old learning to drive in an 18 wheeler.  Oh boy.... 

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