Friday, October 21, 2011

Into the fire...

I took the rest of my mid-fire buff pieces to work with me this morning, and on my lunch break I drove over to Nixa and dropped them off at L&R, for bisque firing.  They should be done early next week.  As always, I'm looking forward to seeing the results.  I've got some jugs in that load that I am pretty excited about.  The plan is to have the Vulcan kiln wired and ready to fire by the time I have another load of pots ready to go.  Those will all be earthenware.  I could see that happening sometime this winter with any luck.  Right now, however, I do not have a single piece of earthenware pottery made.  Guess I better get busy.   Be the clay...... ;)


  1. Quick turn-around!... Ted called Monday morning to let me know they were ready, so I picked them up on my lunch break. Everything survived the firing, and looks good. The next step is to apply a thin, clear glaze on them and have them fired one more time. Most of these will likely end up on my Etsy site, once I get that up and running. Gotta start somewhere. ;)

  2. Dropped off these bisque pieces at L&R on Wednesday for the glaze firing. Hopefully they will be done by this weekend. They are having their annual Raku fest this coming Saturday, which I am planning on attending (my first), so I am hoping to pick them up then. They said that they are firing a lot of Raku pieces right now, but they should be able to get my pots done this week.

  3. Oops... the L&R Raku fest is Sunday, the 6th.