Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog?.... what blog?

Well, well... look at the time. The date on my last post was over a week ago!  That's no way to run a blog.  It has been a busy week, though.  An electrician came out a couple of weeks ago and had a look at our breaker box and the kiln.  He said it could  be done, but the kiln is so big that when all four switches are flipped and the kiln is running full on, any other heavy drains on the system (AC or heater, clothes dryer, etc.) could possibly trip the 100 amp main breaker.  He said it's the spike in power when those appliances kick on that will usually cause the problem.  I asked him what he would recommend in an ideal situation, and he said he would want to have another 100 amp breaker just for the kiln.  Which would be a pretty big ($$$) project.  We discussed some alternatives, needless to say.  Initially I had wondered if I could split the kiln in half.  It comes in two pieces, and they are wired separately; and connected to each other with a standard 50 amp plug... the kind they use on clothes dryers and stoves.  I would just remove the top half and attach the lid to the lower half.  The kiln sitter is located on the lower half, also, so that's not an issue.  He said he could wire the lower half so that I could run it using a standard clothes dryer plug-in, and mount the plug box right next to the breaker panel.  That sounds like a plan to me.  I just don't know how it will perform with the different configuration.  I asked the kiln manufacturer about it and they basically suggested the same fix.  I'm not done exploring my options right now, but in the mean time, I am still making pottery! I've managed to get a few mugs done; another large, decorated platter; a couple of plates; three really cool, spouted teapot-like things (I honestly don't know what they are, they just sort of happened, so I went with it)... and another big moonshine jug.  It's all coming along pretty well.  Our band is playing a private party tonight (but I'm pretty sure anyone can crash it... it's at an American Legion Post here in Springfield)  I've been told that they are having a fish fry before we play.  With any luck I'll be home by 1:00 or 1:30am. I should be able to get some stuff done this weekend.  Looking forward to it!  Peace.

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