Thursday, April 12, 2012

White Oak

I planted a sapling white oak in our back yard (about 6 to 8 feet tall) in 1999, as a birthday gift to my wonderful wife Pam.  Today it is taller than our two story house, and a very fine looking tree.  A couple of years ago, it actually produced a modest crop of acorns!  This afternoon I came across some pictures of the fall colors that I took last year, and I thought it would be nice to capture the new leaves of another year, as well.  There's an old saying that when the oak leaves are as big as a mouses ear, you can plant your corn... Hmmmm... I think I'm behind schedule.  All I've gotten in the ground so far is our potatoes.  Normally we would still have the threat of a hard frost this time of year, so we rarely even bother to get our tomatoes and peppers and such until late April.  But this year...?  Any time now, really.  It's a little chilly today, but I think the chances of seeing any frost now are all but gone.  That's fine with me.  As I noted in a previous post, from last month, we really didn't have much of a winter this year.  Who knows what that means for summer temperatures, fire danger, insect populations... could be an interesting summer.     

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